Strongman / strength

The programme is different than expected (positive) different from previous programmes made by others. The programme is 'more complex and 'detailed'. He really looks at the wishes and goals of the athlete. There is some room for your own interpretation / input in terms of exercises. Good explanation for questions about exercises / programming. Also flexible to adjust in consultation. Quick response to questions and good substantive feedback. Actually only positive things to say.


Strongwoman / strength

Clear and understandable. Well adapted to my goals.


Strongman / strength

The programme is clearly adapted to my wishes. I don't have a lot of time per week, this has clearly been taken into account. The programme is clearly presented in a table, so I can easily take it with me to the gym.

Coaching: coaching from Jitse is very good. Jitse has a wealth of experience in strength sports/fitness. I can submit videos and feedback is given about technique, but also about material use (straps, wraps, belt, shoes etc.). Even if the schedule has to be adjusted, this is done quickly and professionally. Jitse responds quickly to questions and is pleasant to deal with. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to progress in fitness and strength sports, regardless of level.



I have not strictly hired Jitse as a coach, but he does well to give advice and such. Also like to exchange ideas with Jitse. I bought 1 programme from Jitse and unfortunately could not finish it due to illness .. but during the course of the schedule I certainly improved on the parts for which it was intended. Nice to try a new way of training. (So ​​good schedule)

The end product could have been a little better. Got the schematic as png. Prefer to have this in a finished document including formulas so that it can be used repeatedly.

**Reaction Jitse Kramer: "the formulas are not for sale"


Strength / powerlifting

When registering at Gym Iron Heart I met Jitse and immediately made an appointment for working with my technique. I've always had back pain when deadlifting despite the physio sessions and advice from other PT's. With a few tips from Jitse I could immediately (as a beginner) lift my bodyweight without pain. After a block of 8 weeks of technique training, I received a new personal 8 week schedule. Later I became stronger and could lift 1.3 times my body weight, even though I was losing weight. Jitse is critical and will not let you lift heavy if your technique is not perfect. So definitely recommended and I look forward to receiving my next training block.


Strength / powerlifting

"Jitse exposed me to new techniques such as EMOM and speed work, which allowed me to get to know myself better as a powerlifter. I could also see in the program that he has respected my wishes and priorities (instead of using a standard program). The best thing about Jitse's coaching is the often daily contact and support by answering questions, looking at the form, etc. Even if I did not contact Jitse for a week, there still was a message from him about how the training went, which has ensured that I felt supported and that I could see that Jitse really pays attention to his customers!"


Strength / muscle gain

"After my last bodybuilding competition in November 2017, I wanted to focus on building muscle mass and strength. I often saw Jitse training at the gym and knew he had a lot of knowledge about strength training, so the choice was made quickly by asking him to help me achieve the goals I had in mind. Through Jitse's programmes, ranging from full body powerlifting to strongman / women, I have grown in mass and strength. Jitse pays attention to the technique and gives the necessary tips to put the finishing touches. Thanks to Jitse's guidance I have been able to achieve various goals. Knowledge, motivation, variation in schedule, growth in mass and strength, you are at the right place with Jitse."



"I asked Jitse for personal training because I had not been able to make any progress recently even though I was training hard for it. The results fluctuated and I noticed that my motivation started to suffer. Then I thought it was time for a change and I am glad that Jitse wanted to help with that! We started with a well-planned training programme and this has ensured that I can now make progress again and have optimal motivation. "


Posture / technique

"Because I train fairly heavily with deadlifts and squats it was difficult to find a suitable personal trainer who takes a critical look at the correct posture and approach. Jitse's coaching has helped me and improved my posture so that I can continue training without injuries. "

Bart Helmholt


"As a physical trainer, Jitse contributed to jumping a beautiful new Dutch record of 21.64 meters at the end of my career as an active fierljepper.

Because I felt a good click with the person Jitse I continued to train within the programming of Jitse even after my active career. However, soon after I stopped, a bacteria in my body damaged my pelvis considerably. The always positive and fanatical Jitse has ensured with his personal schedules and guidance that I am fully recovered within a year and that I dare to tackle new challenges and goals. With my current schedule I have grown 30 kg in maximum strength in 6 weeks! "

Joost and Forina

Strength / conditioning

"We thought we kept each other sharp and motivated by not only going alone but together. During the very first training of personal trainer Jitse we soon realized that we did not go to our strength and conditioning limits at all. There really could still be a little bit more fanaticism! Now we are training hard and we still do not know our own limits... well: we just need a professional for that, which we found in Jitse: he knows how to motivate us to go to the extreme, but also has flawlessly in mind when it no longer works and it just needs a little less hard training to prevent injuries and quickly switches to an alternative when needed.

In addition to a wide range of exercises (which never make it boring), Jitse has a great deal of knowledge of anatomy, nutrition and - if it has failed - the best way to get an injury healed quickly. We learn more from Jitse than just 'exercises'.

Of course, personal training is more expensive than doing a workout in the gym, but the personal attention and the tailor-made programming have so much more added value."