My 10 bicep commandments

To keep your biceps from tearing, keep these 10 commandments in mind:

1- Train biceps only once a week (or don't train biceps at all)

2- Do not use machines

3- Train in a high rep range, 10+ reps

4- Do not train biceps close to a strongman training, preferably within 2/3 days after strongman training

5- Make sure you can straighten your arms "normally", otherwise stretch until you can

6- Train biceps in full ROM

7- Never lock your arms in a bicep excercise, such as in a preacher curl, use free weights or a suspension trainer

8- Warm up the biceps (tendon) locally before a strongman training

9- Train a maximum of 1 heavy biceps intensive event on strongman
day (do not combine a heavy wheelflip with a heavy stones training)

10- Have your biceps massaged regularly and/or apply dry needling to avoid triggerpoints